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produced by Kim Shi Hwan
singed by Kim Eun Pyung

Renew Us



1. We are gathered here today to hear the voice of God

Open ours ears, open our hearts oh Lord

We will respond to your calling that awakens our soul.

The holy seed the stump among this land of hope.



Chorus :

1. Renew us renew us and strengthen us oh strengthen us for

( 2. Trans us trans us and fill us oh fill us for )

We are here for you Lord use us for your purpose.

Send us oh send us to the people in the shadow of death

We give our lives to you for you have given us your everything.



2. Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins of this world

And they will raise up the age old foundations.

You will be called repairers of broken walls and souls.

You’re the restorer of the streets with dwellings.

위디송~ 입니다. :)

다운로드도 가능합니다~

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